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Main Characters for Trigun ReAnimate (collaboration) [April 2021]

Gung Ho Guns for Trigun ReAnimate [September 2020]

Rubies for Gemanimate 2 [January/July 2017]

The Fishmonger [December 2016]

Hey, Chibiusa. for Moon Animate Make-Up 2 [July/August 2016]

The Food Critic [March 2016]

Anxiety Bunny [March 2016]

Mascot Girl [January 2016]

FEED ME. [November 2015]

Gaksi / TOKiMONSTA - Nope [October 2015]

Crybaby Usagi [April 2015]

GNARBOOTS - KungFu Tacos [December 2012]

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